NASA has called off plans to attempt to launch the Artemis

September 25, 2022 By 0

NASA has called off plans to attempt to launch the Artemis . NASA announced Sept. 24 it would not proceed with the next launch opportunity for the mission, which was Sept. 27 at 11:37 a.m. Eastern. It cited the threat posed by Tropical Storm Ian, currently in the Caribbean Sea. Forecasts by the National Hurricane Center show the storm moving north, then curving northeast to reach southern and central Florida by the middle of the week as a major hurricane.

Sept. 23 briefing, NASA officials said their preference was to leave the SLS at Launch Complex 39B. Doing so could preserve a final launch opportunity in this window Oct. 2, while rolling the vehicle back to the VAB could make it difficult to attempt a launch in the next window in the latter half of October.

At the briefing, Mike Bolger, manager of the Exploration Ground Systems program at NASA, noted the vehicle is rated to handle wind gusts of up to 74 knots (137 kilometers per hour) at the pad

e do have a certified design with factors of safety to those peak gusts,” said John Blevins, SLS chief engineer. “Ultimately we have a pretty robust vehicle, and we’ll just have to keep looking at that forecast to see if we fall within our certified parameters

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